Messolonghi Marina

Why Sail from Messolonghi?

Marina Messolonghi is conveniently located at the North side of the Gulf of Patras and offers an alternative easy access to the sailing grounds in the South Ionian. It is a unique serene location in one of the safest harbors in the Med. Messolonghi Marina is located in the center of a unique protected lagoon, which is still undiscovered by mass tourism.


Even the ancient Greeks knew how to enjoy the magic of the area, the natural salt and mud spas, the delicious fish and meat and the extraordinary local caviar. Sail along the Ionian Islands, observe low flying seabirds and the sea turtles that swim around you. Surrounding the marina is a natural habitat and breeding grounds of fish. The lagoon exits through a channel into the Gulf of Patras.

From the Airport

Our base at Messolonghi is easily accessible by airplane through Aktion (Preveza) Airport which is 1.5 hrs away. There are connections with direct charter flights from most European capitals. Otherwise, through Athens airport and then with a private transfer to Preveza town, 2.5 hrs away through the National road.

By Ship:

When it comes to getting here by sea, there are a number of alternatives. There are daily ferryboats connecting the Ionian Islands with Patra’s port with timetables which change according to the season. Large ferries depart from Patras to Italy (Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, Venice), and vice versa, usually with a stop at Igoumenitsa.

By Car:

Messolonghi is 242 km from Athens via Olimpia Odos, 419 km from Thessalonica via Egnatia Odos, 48 km from Patra via Ionia Odos and 233 km from Igoumenitsa via Ionia Odos. There are daily bus connections to Athens and Patra, and twice a week to Thessalonica.

Nearby the marina, there is a variety of shops including restaurants, a supermarket and cafés providing the opportunity to do your shopping or enjoy a meal and a drink with a wonderful view of the boats and the beautiful town of Preveza.

Several hotels are available in the surrounding area of marina. We can help you selecting the best depending to your needs.