Lefkas Marina

Why Sail from Lefkas?

Lefkas Marina is possibly one of the most modern marinas of the Mediterranean and has been operating since 2002 having mooring places for 620 boats up to 45 meters long. It is ideal for new sailors and families since it usually has gentle winds and more anchorages than other marinas. Sailing the Ionian from Lefkas is ideal for relaxing vacations since the distances between the islands are short and the weather is always peaceful.

From the Airport

Our main base at Lefkas is easily accessible by airplane through Aktion (Preveza) Airport. There are connections with direct charter flights from most European capitals. Otherwise, through Athens airport and then with a private transfer to Lefkas island.

by Ship:

When it comes to getting here by sea, there are a number of alternatives. There are daily ferryboats connecting Corfu with Igoumenitsa, with timetables which change according to the season. Large ferries depart from Patras to Italy( Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, Venice), and vice versa, usually with a stop at Igoumenitsa.

By Car:

Lefkas is 385 km from Athens, 420 km from Thessalonica, 180 km from Patra and 100 km from Igoumenitsa. The bridge connecting Lefkas with mainland Greece (toll-free) provides the road access to the island. There are daily bus connections to Athens and Patra, and twice a week to Thessalonica.

Nearby the marina, there is a variety of shops including restaurants, a supermarket, and cafés providing the opportunity to do your shopping or enjoy a meal and a drink with a wonderful view of the boats and the beautiful town of Lefkas.

Several hotels are available in the surrounding area of marina. We can help you selecting the best depending to your needs.