7 day Itinerary from Porto Heli

Marketing on November 4, 2019

Why Sail from Porto Heli?

  • Ideal For Families and Intermediate Sailors
  • Explore Saronic Gulf Islands & the Mainland go Peloponnese
  • More anchorages
  • Historical & Cultural Highlights

Porto Heli is one of the most secure all weather anchorages in the Aegean. Enjoy sailing at your own pace in Saronic Gulf with a boat which is perfect for you.

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Day 1 - Porto Heli to Spetses 11,6NM | 1H 10 MIN

Check in at 17:00

Even if the check – in begins at 17:00, there is no need to spend the night at the marina. In a 7-day trip, every day counts. Take advantage of the evening and sail towards Spetses. Spetses is one of the most cosmopolitan islands of Greece.

In one hour you can sail around the island and explore the beautiful beaches of Zogeria and Agia Paraskeui. Anchor at the main harbor of Dapia and stroll around the narrow streets of Spetses.

Spetses Itinerary 2 White Sails
Spetses Itinerary 3 White Sails

Day 2 - Spetses to Ermioni 15,4NM | 1H 30M

Heading to the beautiful area of Ermioni you will sail past Dokos Island with the beautiful green waters. This island is ideal for those who love nature, tranquility and stunning sunset views! It is also the resting place of the oldest known shipwreck (1500 B.C.), discovered by Jacques Cousteau.

What makes Dokos (or Dhokos) so popular among yachters is the picturesque Skintos bay which offers clear waters and shelter from all winds. Continue sailing towards Ermioni and enjoy the beaches. In Ermioni, you can moor your boat in the town’s port or anchor at Kapari beach. A scuba diving club in Kapari beach is strongly suggested!

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Hydra Itinerary White Sails

Day 3 - Ermioni to Hydra 11,7NM | 1H 10M

After your breakfast at the boat, begin sailing towards Hydra. You can stroll through the cobblestone alleys, visit one of the island’s many museums, and browse the shops of local artisans before enjoying dinner on the island. Overnight in Hydra and enjoy the magical sunset and picturesque town with the beautiful neoclassical buildings.

Hydra Itinerary 2 White Sails
Dokos Itinerary White Sails

Day 4 - Hydra to Poros 13.3NM | 1H 15M

Next morning wake up and sail towards Poros where you’ll reach the entrance of the huge, sheltered lagoon. Once in the lagoon, there are many pretty anchorages where you can stop for a lunch break or swim in the clear waters. Poros was the island of Poseidon, God of the sea. The town of Poros is 2 miles east from the entrance to the lagoon. Take an evening walk, up the hill where you will be rewarded by a wonderful panoramic sunset. Stay overnight and enjoy a drink with your friends or chill onboard while you enjoy a glass of wine and your favorite book.

Poros Itinerary 3 White Sails
Poros Itinerary White Sails

Day 5 - Poros to Hydra 25.4NM | 2H 30M

After your breakfast at the beautiful island of Poros, sail and explore Hydra’s other side. The beautiful beaches will take your breath away. Anchor and spend the night under the starry night of Greece.

Athens Itinerary White Sails
Spetses Itinerary 2 White Sails

Day 6 - Hydra to Spetses 8NM | 50M

Start heading north again and explore the bays on the south coast of Lefkas. The natural port of Sivota is a popular destination where you can sail. There are numerous traditional waterfront tavernas where you can enjoy local food. Anchor there and spend the night under the dazzling stars along with your friends and family.

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Aegina Itinerary White Sails

Day 7 - Spetses to Porto Heli 4.2NM | 9M

Before you leave Spetses, make sure to buy some beautiful souvenirs and to taste some of the local dishes on one of the many traditional Greek restaurants. Enjoy your swim at Kaiki beach of Spetses and later arrive to Porto Heli, where there are plenty of things to do and see.

Spetses Itinerary 3 White Sails
Porto Heli Itinerary White Sails

Day 8 - Disembarkation

Check out at 09:00