7 day Itinerary from Porto Heli to Kythira

Marketing on November 20, 2019

Why Sail from Porto Heli?

  • Ideal For Families and Intermediate Sailors
  • Explore Saronic Gulf Islands & the Mainland go Peloponnese
  • More anchorages
  • Historical & Cultural Highlights

Porto Heli is one of the most secure all weather anchorages in the Aegean. Enjoy sailing at your own pace in Saronic Gulf with a boat which is perfect for you.

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Day 1 - Porto Heli to Spetses 4,2NM | 25 MIN

Check in at 17:00

Even if the check – in begins at 17:00, there is no need to spend the night at the marina. In a 7-day trip, every day counts. Take advantage of the evening and sail towards Spetses.

Spetses is one of the most cosmopolitan islands of Greece. Anchor at the main harbor of Dapia and stroll around the narrow streets of Spetses. You can walk all the way to the old harbour and enjoy your drinks.

Try one of the delicious taverns in the harbours serving freshly grilled fish among other appetising dishes.

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Day 2 - Spetses to Kyparisi 23,8NM | 2H 20M

Heading to the beautiful area of Kyparisi you will sail past Zogeria beach with the beautiful green waters. Enjoy your morning dive and the cute little tavern by the beach.

Later continue towards Fokiano beach where you can enjoy your second dive for the day before heading to Kyparisi where you will stay overnight. Try for dinner the restaurants there or enjoy it onboard under the starry summer night.

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Spetses Itinerary White Sails

Day 3 - Kyparisi to Monemvasia 19NM | 2H

Next Stop is the beautiful and world wide known, Monemvasia. The Castle Town of Monemvasia is among the most impressive places in Greece, carved on the back side of a sea rock in the Medieval times.

A walk around the paved streets of the castle town is like a trip back in time. See the elegant stone mansions and the Byzantine churches, such as the church of Agia Sofia and of Christ Elkomenos. Do not also miss the magnificent sea view from the top of the Castle.

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Day 4 - Monemvasia to Elafonisos 31.7NM | 3H

The tiny island of Elafonissos is located on the southern side of Peloponnese, just below the peninsula of Laconia. Mostly famous for its exotic waters, Elafonissos island is the Caribbean of Greece.

Simos, Sarakiniko and Panagia are the most beautiful beaches, with golden sand and pure water. Enjoy seafood at the main harbour of Elafonisos and anchor during the night at the beautiful port.

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Day 5 - Elafonisos to Kythira 21.4NM | 2H 20M

After your breakfast at the beautiful island of Elafonisos, begin sailing towards Kythira, a beautiful island located on the southern side of Peloponnese. The island’s architecture is strongly influenced by the Venetians, who had ruled the island during the Medieval age. On a hill above Chora, there’s a Medieval Castle, a vestige of the Venetian era, which boasts an incredible view of the Aegean Sea. It is the best spot for sunset gazing!

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Day 6 - Kythira to Gerakas 41.8NM | 4H 10M

On your way back to Porto Heli, sail and spend the night to the beautiful village Gerakas which is surrounded by the impressive mountain of Parnon. It is known for its beautiful lagoon and the traditional fish taverns.

Also in the wider region lies the church of Agios Georgios of Gerakas which dates bakc from the 19th century. Another interesting detail about Gerakas is that this is the town where the ancestors of Telly Savalas, the Emmy awarded actor.

There you will find pontoons, or you could anchor in the bay. The water gets quite shallow towards the east, so watch the depth carefully when anchoring.

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Day 7 - Gerakas to Porto Heli 33.2NM |3H 15M

Before you leave Gerakas, make sure to buy some beautiful souvenirs and to taste some of the local dishes on one of the many traditional Greek restaurants. Enjoy your swim at Agia Paraskevi beach of Spetses and later arrive to Porto Heli, where there are plenty of things to do and see.

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Day 8 - Disembarkation

Check out at 09:00