14 days Itinerary from Lefkas Marina

Marketing on March 8, 2019
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Why Sail from Lefkas?

  • Ideal For New Sailors And Families
  • Explore the South Ionian Islands
  • Gentle Winds (Level 1)
  • More anchorages
  • Shorter Sailing Distances

Enjoy the amazing southern islands of the Ionian and get ready for your sailing trip. Our base managers will help you with all the necessary information. Our base at Lefkas is easily accessible by car by the National Road or via airplane through Aktion (Preveza) Airport. Sailing the Ionian from Lefkas is ideal for relaxing sailing vacations since the distances between the islands are short and the weather is always peaceful.

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Day 1 - Lefkas to Meganisi 11NM | 1H 30M

Check in at 17:00

Even if the check – in begins at 17:00, there is no need to spend the night at the marina. In a 7-day trip, every day counts. Take advantage of the evening and begin sailing down the narrow Lefkas channel.

Sail past Sparti island and continue to Skorpios, the private islands of the famous Onassis family.While cruising the coastline of the island you can see the Onassis family beach with its taverna and Jacky Onassis’s pink, private villa.Between Vathi and Atheni port lies Abelike Bay which is considered as the most beautiful of the three available anchorages in Meganisi.

The bay is calm, surrounded by olive groves and clear blue waters. Spend the night there where the local restaurant offers good food and will also help you moor on their floating pontoon.

Lefkas Itinerary White Sails
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Day 2 - Meganisi to Kalamos 11NM | 1H 30M

Sail to the east and swim at the beaches at the NE area of Kalamos. Kalamos is a Greek island where you can enjoy the beauty of its green scenery. Visit the town of Kalamos which is also a safe port with a relatively good anchor hold.

Enjoy some seafood at a family-owned seaside restaurant where you will get delicious and authentic local food. They will typically greet you on arrival and assist you on berthing your vessel to spend the night.

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Day 3 - Kalamos to Kastos 4NM | 30M

Continue towards the still virgin island of Kastos. This is where you will spend the night feeling like you’re at the edge of the world. Quiet and tranquil, the beautiful southern Ionian island of Kastos has a very small population and only one village.

There are a few Greek tavernas and restaurants where you can enjoy some excellent food. The port of Kastos is very scenic and definitely worth a visit whilst on an Ionian yacht charter holiday. The bays to the south of Kastos are also lovely and many are suitable for overnight mooring.

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Day 4 - Kastos to Ithaca (Vathi) 17NM | 2H 30M

Sail to Atokos and swim at the beautiful beaches of this uninhabited island.  Atokos is a deserted island with beautiful beaches on the South and East coast and impressive cliffs. Sail all the way to the south tip of the island stopping at the beaches along the way.

Later on, sail towards Ithaca and moor at Vathi, the capital of the island.The harbor of Vathi is considered one of the safest natural harbors in Greece. Modern Ithaca is generally identified with Homer’s Ithaca, the home of Odysseus, whose delayed return to the island is one of the core elements of the Odyssey’s plot.

Ithaca Sea Itinerary White Sails
Ithaca Itinerary White Sails

Day 5 - Ithaca to Kefalonia (Antisamos) 13NM | 1H 35M

Enjoy an early morning dive at these beautiful crystal clear waters of Vathi and enjoy your breakfast onboard. Sail towards the next stop, the beautiful island of Kefalonia. Situated on a deep gulf, the harbour here is one of the safest in the Med. Sail towards Antisamos beach which is arguably one of the most favourable destinations for swimming and sunbathing in Kefalonia.

Antisamos is located close to the port of Sami. Its distinguished for its natural beauty, that consists of turquoise waters and a marvelous surrounding of green hills and lush vegetation. A beach like this could be nothing but well-organized with umbrellas and sundecks. It is this stunning scenery that characterizes the area and captivates all visitors. Antisamos has gained worldwide reputation as multiple scenes from the Hollywood film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, where filmed there.

Tip: Take a taxi and book a tour to Melisani cave located not far from Karavomilo and 2km from Sami. It is a lacustrine cave of unique beauty and fully developed cave, which is 3.5 km long, 40m wide and 36m high. Melissani cave constitutes a unique geological phenomenon.

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Day 6 - Kefalonia 8NM | 1H

Explore the coastline of Kefalonia while sailing towards to Zakynthos and spend the night anchoring to the small commercial port of Poros. The port provides good shelter for charter yachts. This is a nice place steeped in mythology. They say that Hercules’ footsteps are stamped in to the hillsides. There’s also a thin strip south from the harbour, alongside the main road. There you’ll find the mushroom shaped rocks thrown at pirates by the Cyclops.Just out of town is the possible burial place of Odysseus and a cave once inhabited by a she-dragon. For those who love trekking, there’s a 3 hour walking trail, taking in the surrounding villages of Riza, Kabitsata and Tzanata.

Tip: Up in the hills you can also visit the oldest monastery on Kefalonia (though only the courtyard and a 10m tower remain) and if you are a sunrise lover you can admire the view!

There are a number of tavernas and bars around the harbour but the main town is 5 minutes walk north. Here you’ll find the town beach but a little further north is the greater expanse of Aragia beach.  Near the harbour there’s also a mini market and of course you’ve plenty of restaurants to choose from. Stock your catamaran and sail the next day to Zakynthos.

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Day 7 - Kefalonia to Zante (Agios Nikolaos) 17NM | 2H 10M

New Day, new Island to explore! This is a long distance sailing route but you will have the next three days to swim in the amazing waters of Zakynthos. The entire island is the perfect setting for sailing.

The first stop could be the famous beach of Agios Nikolaos, a small bay at the northest end of Zakynthos. The village will provide all the basic needs for your yacht charter or flotilla holiday – there are several tavernas, and basic provisions are available. You could also continue sailing to the big harbour of Zakynthos where there is a marina on the side of the jetty which provides all the services and supplies a yacht could need.

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Day 8 - Zante 28NM | 3H 45M

The next morning sail towards Limni Keriou and the bay of Laganas. Pass Pelouzo and Marathonisi and steer for the Blue Caves of Keri. Depending on the wind you could sail back close to the turtle island Marathonisi through Laganas bay. Here in the warm waters we hopefully get a closer look on a Caretta Caretta sea turtle!

Under the high cliffs stop for swimming and snorkeling in one of the caves! Keri has a plethora of tavernas where you can find Greek authentic food and many shops for your lovely Greek souvenirs. Keri is a small village located about 19 km south-west from the town of Zakynthos (Zante), overlooking the deep blue of the Ionian sea. Keri village is on a mountain and Limni Keriou is the village great beach with a small port.

Tip:The lighthouse of Keri offers a breathtaking view to the eternal blue of the Ionian sea, on top of a 300-m high cliff.

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Day 9 - Zante 19NM | 2H 10M

Sail to Vromi bay which provides good shelter and many provisions. The scenery here is magnificent where the sea enters the bay surrounded by rocks.Porto Vromi is consideres as one of the most beautiful coves located on the west coast of Zante.

Enjoy the most spectacular views of Ionian sea and immerse the Greek beauty and sun. Anchor there and spend the night under the dazzling stars along with your friends and family.

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Day 10 - Zante to Kefalonia (Argostoli) 25NM | 2H 10M

You may leave Zakynthos this morning but the view of the most lovely beaches on your way back will leave you speechless and with the best memories. On your way back to Kefalonia, sail past the world famous Shipwreck Bay. There the bottom is sandy and makes for a good anchorage. However, be careful of the many touring boats as this place is very famous.

There is a rusty wreck of coaster sitting in the middle of the beach, having been driven ashore in 1980. After your dive in the crystal clear blue waters of Navagio beach head towards the Blue Caves of Volimes, where you can snorkel amongst the limestone caves and arches!

Sail to Kefalonia island where you will spend the night in Argostoli which is the capital of the island.At the south end of the bay is a salt water lagoon. This is a popular feeding ground for loggerhead turtles. Nearby, you can walk to Katavothres swallow holes (about 3km from town), a strange geological feature, where seawater disappears under the island.

Argostoli is a pleasant place to hang out, with the best shopping opportunities on the island. If you need to provision, there are supermarket, cafes, bakeries in the south end of town. There are plenty of banks and ATM’s and all the other facilities you would probably need!

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Day 11 - Kefalonia 30NM | 3H 10M

Next morning enjoy your breakfast onboard and of course the Greek sun. On your way to Assos and if you are lucky and there is no wind, sail towards the famous Myrtos beach. Usually Myrtos is affected by strong winds.  It has been awarded many times for its cleanness and the natural beauty.

The natural beauty of Myrtos is the trademark of Kefalonia and one of the most photographed places in Greece. After your dive in Myrtos, sail towards Assos, a charming village. There are several restaurants and cafes clustered around the small horseshoe bay. But before you sit down for dinner, take a walk up the hill to the Venetian castle.

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Day 12 - Kefalonia 9NM | 1H

Sail at the most cosmopolitan port of Kefalonia, the world renowned town of Fiskardo. It is located on the north-eastern tip of the island and is known for its 19th century Italianate architecture that still remains intact. There are plenty of shops, boutiques, tavernas and nightclubs at the pretty harbor.

Fiscardo is a good place from which to explore the fortresses, monasteries, museums and hiking trails of the northern part of the island. It is also within easy reach of some wonderful snug and secluded coves with crystal clear waters, ideal to anchor for an afternoon of swimming, snorkeling and relaxation.

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Day 13 - Kefalonia to Lefkas (Vasiliki) 10NM | 1H 5M

Start heading north again and explore the bays on the south coast of Lefkas. Vassiliki is situated on the southern shore of the beautiful island and is famous for the clear emerald-colour waters and reliable sailing conditions. It also offers a variety of activities and excursions for all tastes, with some of the best mountain biking, windsurfing and sailing.

Lefkas Itinerary Boats White Sails
Lefkas Itinerary White Sails

Day 14 - Lefkas 21NM | 2H 35M

On your last day of this amazing 14 day trip, continue sailing at the clear blue waters of Lefkas and sail past the natural port of Sivota which is a popular destination where you can sail. There are numerous traditional waterfront tavernas where you can enjoy local food. Finish the day at Lefkas Marina where you can explore the town of Lefkas and stroll around the alleys or enjoy a wonderful dinner at a local taverna.

Tip:The lighthouse of Keri offers a breathtaking view to the eternal blue of the Ionian sea, on top of a 300-m high cliff.

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Day 15 - Disembarkation

Check out at 09:00